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Feral Ohms ‘Living Junkyard’ 7″

Posted in Feral Ohms, New Releases with tags , , , on June 7, 2013 by Secret Serpents

Feral Ohms was formed in 2011 by three Bay Area underground rock vets from Comets on Fire, Drunk Horse, and Nudity. Loud, super-fuzzed, just over the border of psychedelia into a darker, harsher jungle. Doses of concrete basement West Coast 80s punk, 70s hairy bare-chested wall of amps festival rock, 90s Screaming Japanese underground and various other forms of scuzz, primitive, biker and outcast rock and roll mutations abound. There will be a one-time only pressing of 500!

As with all Valley King Records releases, the artwork is by Alan Forbes. The packaging is silkscreened and signed & numbered by Forbes. Each single will also come with an exclusive sticker!

In addition to the regular edition of 500 on black vinyl, we are releasing a very limited amount on colored vinyl. We are also selling the original artwork by Forbes which will include a copy of the record on colored vinyl!

For more information on pre-ordering, click the image below!

Feral Ohms

For information on ordering the original artwork, click the image below!
Feral Ohms